Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Ni Sawa Hasa!

The catch phrase of Sportsman, one of the most popular cigs in Kenya is prominently displayed on the car.

Ni Sawa Hasa! It is so good.
Or it is just right.

1994 was that good to the boy with no name, the late Richard Burns.
The year Richard Burns started to take on the world after dominating the domestic British Rally Championship.

This Subaru Impreza GC was just right for him to make a notable breakthrough in world stage.

Partnering his lifetime co-driver Robert Reid, he finished approximately 10 minutes behind the Group N winner, Patrick Njiru, who drove an identical machine but with unmatched familiarity with the routes.

Rebuilt from and made to finish better than Trofue. Trofue’s Njiru black and gold lining is corrected to black and yellow lining. The wheels are seven spoked instead of Trofeu’s eight. And all the rubber trims are completed.

Except for front garoo bars, the car looks more like a road car, with flat mirror and without rear spoiler.
This is the day version, with spotlights are on the mirror. And yes, I need to put that PIAA on the light.

Final results were:
1st.    I. Duncan / D. Williamson       #3 Toyota Celica (ST185)       20:49:00
2nd.    K. Shinozuka / P. Kuukkala       #4 Mitsubishi Lancer           21:11:00
3rd.    D. Auriol / B. Occelli               #2 Toyota Celica (ST185)       21:59:00
4th.    P. Njiru / A. Sidi                      #5 Subaru Impreza (GC)         23:30:00
5th.    R. Burns / R. Reid                  #7 Subaru Impreza (GC)         23:40:00

RIP Richard


  1. Muy bello Impreza; tengo 3 en mi colección, pero todos con en el color azul de la tabacalera.
    Éste luce mucho por ser diferente.

    Very beautiful Impreza; I have 3 in my collection, but all with the blue color of the tobacco.
    This looks much for being different.