Monday, March 12, 2012


Really interesting to build this one. Quite a breeze at the start, to spray paint white. But have to struggle with thin black lining between white and Opel yellow.

I have no references of actual car and photos of Onyx model are all I have. 5 spoke wheels done, centered exhaust done.
Pity I missed out on the front chin, it should sink right in the middle, if Onyx is to go by. 

While Manuel Reuters finally nailed the ITC title in 1996, the testing work for STW Vectra began. It is said that the role was entrusted to Marco Werner, from HOLZER team.

This car provided a solid platform for the STW quest in 1997 in the hands of Alex Burgstaller, Reuters, Uwe Alzen, Michael Bartels and Ronny Melkus.

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