Thursday, April 5, 2012


The figurine to go with Onyx Jordan 191

Jordan 7-Up team was in a crisis right before 1991 Belgian GP.
Gachot was sentenced to prison and car # 32 required immediate replacement.

Eddie Jordan was weighing on proven racers, the like of Keke Rosberg and Stefan Johansson.

Willie Weber convinced everybody that Michael Schumacher was more than willing and able.
Johnny on the spot, he was drive-tested in Silverstone and left everybody more than convinced.

Typical Onyx, hard to dismantle as underside is riveted
 He was also literally right on the money, Mercedes, Dekra and Tic Tac were there to fork out the race seat fee.

Rear wing re-painted, original seated figurine removed
 On the track he never drove before, he surprised even himself to qualify 8th behind all the big names, Senna, Patrese, Prost, Mansell, Berger, Alesi and Piquet.(Later promoted to 7th after Patrese was relegated for hand brake infringement)

How it all started. Stripped bare Minichamps figurine
 His maiden F1 race was a short one as did not last a full lap but certainly left a lasting impression in F1 fraternities.

Next task, the car itself. Been saying this for the past two years

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  1. El 191 es el auto más bello de todos los Jordan; espero ver como queda.

    The 191 is the most beautiful car of all Jordan; I hope to see as is.

    1. I agree with you. Beautiful Irish green goes well 7up. Among the best liveried at that time.