Monday, May 16, 2011


One of the best Marlboro liveried ST-205.

Eventually finished 3rd behind Puras' ZX Kit Car and Thiry's Escort Cosworth RS.
Both made this edition of Rallye Corte Ingles, one of the most closely contested ever.

Great decal I got from Spain, but comes without Shell and Publistas logos. Decal is a bit aging, and tend to be brittle. For that, I have to spray thin layer of clear lacquer on dry decal to hold it together. All the troubles are quickly forgotten once I finish the model though.

Decal suggests neon red for Marlboro color scheme, but use lighter fiery red.
5 spoke front wheels to match with rear full disc makes another car sacrificed as donor

Rebuild from a Trofeu, so interior details are well addressed.
However, few items need to be touched up to make conversion complete.
Harness is converted into OMP. Roll cage is black instead of white, as commonly seen.
Matt black window trim is added, as Trofue don't have any.

Heard that the 3rd place is given to Kankkunen by Ponce, who gaining on Kankkunen rapidly at the later part of the rally.
Ponce let Kankkunen use his tyres replacing the fast degarding tyres.
Afterall, Kankkunen is his idol.
I'm not sure how true is that.

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