Friday, February 25, 2011


Perhaps one the better known cigarette rolling paper in the whole world. Rizla was crucified for using the 'twist and turn' caption in its ad percieved as the act of preparing pot. Couldn't be said the same to this magnificently liveried Evo III that twisted and turned its way to finish 6th by June 25th, 1995.
The race went to Verreydt driving the Celica ST205 Castrol Marlboro.

This time around, as time permits, I want to put it all in a different perspective. Just to roll out some trails to capture my simple way to re-construct a mainstream die cast into a rarer one. Not the whole step by step roadmap, but few pointers that help me to execute the project with minimum time while getting the finishing comparable to those of a craftman or so I believe.....

This is my guide to ensure correct color scheme, painting and decal positioning. Only basic tools are needed, those readily available at any book store. The most exotic one should be cutex remover, which can come handy in removing existing decal. Strange but true. Yes, the one with pink lid there.

This is the cockpit which has been detailed out with Sabelt harness. OMP seats embroidered with names, vis-a vis, Aghini and Farnocchia. Decals are perfect but my camera is not, making them look smeared. Well, I don't expect much from a compact cam.

Waiting for decals to set in, dry completely before topping it with a clear lacquer. At this time, all headlights and tail lights and windscreens are not yet assembled, as they are vulnerable to lacquer attack. Flat black paint will then be applied to window trims.

Here it is almost done with the underside attached to the chassis.Notice the 5 spoke wheels used replacing the full disc wheels in original Altaya.
I try to minimize the amount of decals to be removed from the original car, So the red and silver stripes stay, so do other generic sponsor decals like Ralliart, Michelin and NGK.

View of the other side, with dark surroundings. The car really stands out, as it should. More so, with all the cannibalized parts around it. Those are of other model, of course.

Fixed on the plinth for safekeeping.
Perhaps, one fine sunny day, I will get closer shots and float them here.

And another Evo III on the left has started. It will be in that maroon Winfield, could be Auriols', Makkinen's or Burns'. Another cycle to go all over again

UPDATED 26th. February, 2011


  1. A very nice job! Thanks also for the instructive step-by-step guide.

  2. Lorenzo721, thanks a bunch...........

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